Dramatic Sin

Dramatic Sin is a two-man band from Drama, Greece. Imagine if Pink Floyd and Tool had a baby, then imagine feeding that baby some ‘shrooms. The music meanders seemlessly from spacey to heavy, from light ambient to hard percussive, with lyrical content to match.

The two-man ( Nick Baferas: Vocals, Guitars and George Nikoglou: Bass Guitars, Synths and FX) band has released a full-length album, 2007’s until i was more (itunes link), and a couple of eps — 2008‘s A Chance to Love and 2009‘s So Far. All of it filled with unique and clever guitars, the to-be-expected poly-rhythms associated with alt.progressive metal, and haunting, ethereal vocals. Straying from the Tool comparison, Dramatic Sin aren’t afraid of a little piano music as well, as heard in the track highlighted below.

Great stuff for Tool fans certainly, but great stuff on its own as well.

[ a chance to love from A Chance to Love | 05:27 | 7.91mb | mp3 ]


3 responses to “Dramatic Sin

  1. George Nikoglou March 15, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Your Review is very inspiring and i would like to thank you for that..

    George from Dramatic Sin

  2. George Nikoglou January 31, 2011 at 2:45 am

    Hello Xero

    I’m George from Dramaticsin..i would like to inform you tha we have 3 new songs in our site http://www.dramaticsin.com under discography..We well very pleased if you listen to them and point us a review.


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