Another Vertigo Rush

Continuing what seems to be a theme for, let’s say, March, another band with the inevitable Tool comparison– Another Vertigo Rush. AVR is an experimental/progressive/metal/psychedelic band from New Delhi. Yes, they sound a little like Tool, but you can hear influences from myriad styles/artists in AVR’s music.

Like 70’s psychedelia with a ’10s twist. A little thrash mixed with nu-metal. Big riffs, a lot of bass, classic rock lead guitar virtuosity. Atmospheric and like a punch to the chest at the same time. They aren’t trying to be one thing, but a living thing, constantly changing.

Breaking through to the mainstream ‘scene’ was/is/never will be the band’s top priority, however, An understanding of their music – whether with approval or disapproval is something that the band feels strongly about.

Just the understanding…”

Well, I approve, and I think I understand. Its pretty heady stuff.

[ Phase II from 2008’s Murphy’s Law | 04:25 | 4.75mb | mp3 ]

You can grab the ep Murphy’s Law free from the band’s official website. You can also find them on MySpace.


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