2Cents-Dress to Kill

2Cents is a band out of LA. They are a 21st Century Motley Crue. Well, to an extent. They bring back the debauchery, and the rock-for-rock’s-sake attitude, but the music, the music makes Motley Crue sound like Air Supply. There is no love lost between 2Cents and the state of rock/metal music today, especially the cynical, in-it-for-the-money types, and the overly righteous. “They got away from having fun, breaking shit and tearing shit down. They¹re all about boring things,” says frontman Adam O’Rourke. 2Cents is a rock band in the best sense of the word; they play because they love to play, wherever, and whenever they can.

2Cents’ authenticity is obvious (these guys give a shit.)
Otherwise, they wouldn¹t devote entire songs to rail against the watering down of the punk culture they grew up with. And, otherwise, they wouldn¹t risk getting impaled with makeshift shivs while rocking maximum security youth correctional facilities across the country.


Their debut release, Lost at Sea was well received, and generally liked by critics. Line up changes bring the band to their most recent release, Dress to Kill, a blistering, aggressive punk-metal album. If Lost at Sea was considered by critics to be a re-emergence of true rock attitude, then Dress to Kill is true rock attitude’s coming out.

As the track “A Song for Darrell Abbot”, from Lost at Sea can attest, Dimebag‘s, and Pantera’s, influence can be heard loud and clear on Dress to Kill. Angry, screaming mixed with clean, yet still angry, vocals, brutal, drop-tuned guitars, the drumming of a talented crazy person, the album is a testament to what rock is, and has always been about, screaming “Fuck You!” at the norm, resisting conformity, and having a good fucking time. Its one step closer to bringing back the rock-n-roll attitude, and happy violence of the 80s music scene, but with way better music.

Suffice it to say, the revolution isn’t being stoked by some barely legal brats in mascara, skinny ties, and shotgun-blast emo coifs, but four longhairs who want nothing more than to rock without affectation. “Basically it all boils down to: Can these guys stand up on stage with their shirts off and flex really good and play three power chords?” cracks O’Rourke. Spoken like a true stand-up guy, but all jokes aside, you should know by now that he’s just scratching the surface. Whether they¹re rocking out for disaffected skaters in a cramped nightclub or kids behind bars who take “hardcore” to an entirely different level, 2Cents have stripped the grills and gel off punk¹s rotting corpse.


There is no better soundtrack to a Revolution than Dress to Kill, so let it begin..

1. Dressed To Kill
2.* Love Like A Riot
3. Come And Get It
4. Deeply, Madly
5. Wicked By Design
6. Now You Know
7. The Distance Traveled
8. Get What?
9. Shes Gone
10. Choose Your Illusions
11. Tear Down Your Reasons
12. Death Vegas
13. The Hollow

[ Love Like a Riot from Dress to Kill | 03:22 | 7mb | mp3 ]


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