got a minute

So, I was going to watch 300 last night for the 6th time. As I was flipping around the tube prior to the movie’s start time, I came across Minute to Win It, and I remembered seeing the commercials during the Olympics. I remember when seeing the commercial saying “hey, that looks like it might be interesting, I think I’ll watch it.” and then, as is my wont, completely forgot about it.

Well, I watched it last night, and I gotta say, that is one fucking genius show. Entertaining as hell, and heart-attack-inducing exciting. Contestants attempt to complete various games, using everyday household items, in under a minute. For each completed game, the contestant wins money, and completing 9 of these games nets a player a million dollars.

As I said, I think the show concept is absolutely genius. The shows only down side is its length. I mean, each game is only 60 seconds, and there are only 9 games to a million. Thats like 10 minutes of actual action, 15 tops, with 20 minutes of commercials, and another 25 or 30 minutes of fluff and Guy Fieri. If NBC would have made it a half-hour show, and doubled the episodes every week, it would be so much better.

Either way, I hope it lasts, I know I will be tuning in. If you do too, please do it with someone you love, just in case.


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