Osama bin Vanderboegh

Some wingnut terrorist is advocating tossing bricks through the windows of Democratic members of congress who voted yes on Health Care Reform. People have taken Osama bin Vanderboegh on his call to arms bricks, and hit a few offices.

I had a whole diatribe in my head about what an asshole this guy, and his stupid followers are, but I’m going to put it aside. I was also going to point out how Osama bin Vanderboegh, who hates on the government, with a passion, is currently sucking on the government dick to the tune of $1300.00 a month in SS disability, but his hypocrisy is irrelevant. Instead, I am going to toss a “thank you” at Mr. Vanderboegh, and his terrorist friends, and show a little compassion.

I can kinda see his point. Its gotta be hard for someone as bugfuck crazy as Mullah Vanderboegh to find political advocacy, a voice who will speak for his insanity. He has a right to be heard, and, I guess, to smash things like a tantrum-throwing 5 year old when he isn’t being heard. But, perhaps the subsequent jail time will allow him, and his acolytes, to engage that other 97% of their brain.

The “thank you” is because through his petulant, juvenile actions, he is bringing out into the sunlight what we are fighting against– the tyranny of a small minority who use terrorism and violence to intimidate their ideological opponents. Its good for independents and voters in play to see that one side of the divide is bereft of ideas, and is as anti-American as those 19 fuckers that flew planes into buildings (and use the same tactics!). Throwing brick through windows will also not have the intended effect. It will certainly steel the resolve of the victims of Osama bin Vanderboegh’s terrorism, making them fight even harder for the change America voted for, rather than cave because some old, white welfare king tossed some rocks. The brick-throwing militia of Osama bin Vanderboegh is also proof-positive that there still remains a faction of our great nation that will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the new century.

I’d prefer to leave them behind, in a pile, but, they are fellow Americans, even if they refuse to believe that we who disagree with them are as well.

If your brick-throwing escapades fail, as they certainly will, Mr. Vanderboegh, you can always change your name to Mohammad, and start taking some flying lessons. Didn’t work out well for the 19 terrorists who previously tried it, but perhaps you’ll have better luck.


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