Covering Your Tracks – 1

I love cover songs. I am a cover junkie. Its not that I don’t like the original, its precisely because I like the original. A cover is like hearing a song from a different .. angle, if you will.

Sometimes there is little change beyond different vocals, and sometimes a cover creates an entirely new song, with an entirely new, sometimes contrary-to-the-original meaning. Because covers aren’t limited to genre, there is great variety; country artists covering r&b, black metal artists covering blues and classic rock, and growling masked extreme metallers covering Britney.

Every Friday I will stream a cover song I find to be particularly interesting, in the hopes that you do to, under the title “Covering Your Tracks.”

This virgin CYT track is by a band called Imicus. The band recorded Judas Priest’s You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be WIse from the British Steel album for a Metal Hammer JP tribute CD. It is a case wherein the original and the cover are two completely different songs, yet, somehow, the same. The attitude inherent in the original is still there, but it seems angrier in Imicus’ version, but the arrangement, vocals and starting point are so, so different. Its probably one of the more unique takes on a Priest song I’ve heard. Anyway, here ya go:

[ Imicus covering Judas Priest’s You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise | 04:00 | 5Mb | mp3 ]

For comparison, the original by Judas Priest:
[ Judas Priest – You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise | 05:00 | 4.63Mb | mp3 ]


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