bang your head, and laugh

I’m probably late to the game, but I recently discovered the band Steel Panther. If you’ve not yet discovered them, well, hey there. Steel Panther are a hair metal band forged in the spirit of Irony. Steel Panther has taken the 80s Hair Metal scene and laid it bare, stripped it of even the slightest hint of innuendo.

The 80s hair metal era was all about debauchery, both onstage and off. Steel Panther cuts through the bullshit pomposity of bands of the genre, and say what all those bands really wanted to say, but had no conviction (Motley Crue excluded, of course!). They do it with tongue planted firmly in cheek, and with genuinely talented musicians.

Where bands like Warrant, Extreme et al, sang about Cherry Pie and Teacher’s Pet, Steel Panther sing, “Turn Out the Lights when you sick my dick. Someone beat you with an ugly stick.”

So, go, bang your head, and laugh. Here are two tracks from the recently released Feel the Steel. The first one, “Girl From Oklahoma” is just because its awesome to hear a hair ballad ala Extreme’s “More Than Words” only fucking hilarious. :)

[ Girl From Oklahoma from Feel the Steel | 03:56 | 9mb | mp3 ]

[ Turn Out the Lights from Feel the Steel | 04:24 | 5.87mb | mp3 ]


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