Covering Your Tracks – 3

The CYT this week is a case of two covers of my favorite song, Fox on the Run. Its truly a battle of “meh” vs. “eh, better,” a truly disappointing, lazy try vs. a version that still aint great, but at least gets the idea of the song.

Fox on the Run, the “first self-written and produced single” by the band Sweet, has been my favorite song for as long as I can remember, and I can still remember fairly far back. I’ve been asked a few times why it is my favorite song, and I’ve never really been able to answer, except to say that it was an anti-pop message wrapped in bubble-gum, a “Fuck you.” to those who ‘loved’ the band because they were famous, and ‘loved’ the songs because they were popular. It was a G-Rated precursor to Tool’s “Hooker With A Penis.” To me, as a song, and a message, it still holds up. I begged the few bands I worked with to at least try to cover it, but none would. All said it was mostly because of the beginning.

Here’s the original (which will be followed by two other versions):
[ Sweet – Fox on the Run | 03:26 | 3Mb | mp3 ]

That song starts huge and just taunts the shit out of whomever the “fox” is. When I saw that Ace Frehley had covered it, I thought “awesome, my favorite song of all time, by my favorite guitar player of all time!” Its barely a try. A lazy beginning, and a bar-band-on-a-Tuesday-night trudge through the rest. Here ’tis if you want, though:
[ Ace Frehley – Fox on the Run from Anomaly | 03:25 | 7.8mb | mp3 ]

And finally, a pop-punkish cover of Fox on the Run, by Girlschool. Recorded for their 1989 album Take a Bite, the cover captures the essence and swagger of the original, but, sadly, none of the originality.
[ Girlschool – Fox on the Run from Take a Bite | 03:38 | 3.32mb | mp3 ]

Sometimes, the original should just be left alone.


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