tweet of the day – 06.23.10

Today’s tweet of the day comes from @Radlein, who (re)tweets:

The original tweet was in reference to a video making the rounds on the blog-o-tubes. There is some controversy as to whether its actually raining oil;

National Weather Service Science and Operations Officer Charlie Paxton says while it’s always possible a water spout could pick up some oil and carry it a short distance, the notion of black rain is just not possible. Paxton says that’s because oil does not evaporate.

A contrary opinion states:

“under normal environmental temperatures, oil does not evaporate, however with the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the effects of seawater emulsification and the introduction of BP’s dispersant of choice, Corexit 9500, may be allowing some degree of evaporation into the water cycle.”

Whether corexit facilitates evaporation and it rains oil, or a hurricane comes along and lifts a few hundred thousand gallons of it into the sky and deposits it that way, either scenario is fucked. Oh, and watch where you light up.

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