Covering Your Tracks – 5

KISS has probably been covered as much or more than any other band, and there are all kinds of tributes etc. One such tribute is Gods of Thunder: A Norwegian Tribute to Kiss.

On Gods of Thunder the more popular Kiss tracks are covered, and for the most part, done well. My favorite track from Gods is a cover of ‘I Love it Loud’ from a band whose name I cannot pronounce; Kvikksolvguttene. Their cover is pretty straight forward, but, to me anyway, better than the original. The guitars being just a tad louder, the bass being just a bit heavier, and the vague accent, all add a tinge of aggression not there in the Kiss version.

Here’s Kvikksolvguttene’s version, and again, notice the accent. Just makes the song for me.
[ Kvikksolvguttene – I Love it Loud | 03:19 | 6mb | mp3 ]

And of course, the original.
[ Kiss – I Love it Loud | 04:15 | 5.84mb | mp3 ]


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