Glenn “Charles Manson” Beck

Glenn Beck is Charles Manson with a teevee show.

Back in the late 60s, Charles Manson “decoded” the Beatles’ White Album and discerned from said decoding that if he could start a race war, a great uprising would result. Manson’s acolytes killed a bunch of people in the hopes that the murders would be seen as having been done by blacks. This perception would then lead to the race war, which would in turn provoke a show of force by the Government, which would then be the catalyst to the great uprising. It, um, didn’t work.

Queue Glenn Beck. While he has his own issues with Beatles tunes, his MO, at least it seems to me, is similar to Manson’s, even if Beck isn’t quite as open about it. Beck doesn’t tell his acolytes audience specifically that he’s trying to start something like a race war, but the conclusion can be easily drawn.

Beck picked the date 8/28, the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, to do his little book-whoring rally, for a reason. On the surface he claims to be taking the “Civil Rights Leader” persona to, I guess, fight against white oppression, or something. Since anyone with an IQ above 5 knows that Beck is the farthest thing from a Civil Rights anything, let alone a leader, one must try to find a more believable, reality-based reason. Its just speculation on my part, but I think I know the reason.

Beck is constantly spewing his conspiracy-laden shit into the discourse. Conspiracies that invariably involve government and the oppression of conservative-minded people. People like, you know, Glenn Beck. His historically revised, rarely accurate, fever-dream imaginings have no basis in reality, much like his perceived oppression. So, Mr. Beck must make it appear to be true. To that end he picks a date he knows will antagonize people. To see MLK’s message twisted and defiled by the likes of Beck has, as was likely Beck’s hope, raised the ire of Civil Rights leaders as well as a new iteration of the Black Panther Party. The BPP is planning to attend Beck’s 8/28 book-whoring, probably much to the delight of Glenn Beck.

So, at this 8/28 book-whoring, we’ll have Beck and his zombies raping the legacy of MLK, while, close by, we’ll have a contingent of Black Panthers, civil rights leaders, and others who are disgusted by Beck’s theft of MLK’s message. You gotta think Beck planned it this way. See, when the counter-attendees are inevitably spit on, or called “nigger” or NaziCommunoIslamoFascists, by some of Becks moron followers, Beck wants the shit to hit the fan, for the same reasons Manson did.

Beck wants the 8/28 book-whoring to devolve into a riot, which spreads to other parts of America, which provokes a show of force by the government. This government force, even if it were necessary, would serve both to validate (in the minds of the morons who watch) Beck’s inane conspiracies, and to draw the right-wing militia freaks out to attempt a violent overthrow of the gov’t. This is the only way I see this event being a “turning point.” Glenn Beck isn’t that important to our National dialogue, that any event hosted by, or featuring him, would matter to more than a few hundred people. Unless said event were to blow up into something else entirely. Which Glenn Beck is counting on.

Like I said, speculation. “Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to”. At any rate, it should prove to be an interesting day. I hope the BPP, the civil rights icons, and other counter-attendees, keep their eyes and hearts open, and don’t succumb to Beck’s racial fuckery. Beck expects, wants, needs violence to occur, to prove his point. Resist, brothers and sisters, and watch Beck fall apart.

I have a dream too. In my dream, Glenn Beck realizes that his current words and actions are a detriment to the America we all love, and embraces the inevitability of progressive change. Unlike MLKs dream, however, mine will never come true.


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