Covering Your Tracks – 7

From the ‘I Had No Idea This Was A Cover Until Years Later’ file, a track I thought was written by Judas Priest, the only band I’d ever heard do it. It wasn’t until years later, and my mother informing me, that I learned that the song “Diamonds and Rust” was originally written and performed by Joan Baez.

Priest recorded the track for their Sin After Sin album, it was a staple at live shows and was included on Priest’s first live album Unleashed in the East, as well as a couple of the JP “Best of” releases. According to the track’s wikipedia article, they also perform “a mostly-acoustic version of the song that is more similar to the original than the rock version on their recorded albums.” JP’s version adds a bit of heavy to the song, but retains the song’s melancholy.

From the remastered Sin After Sin album:
[ Judas Priest – Diamonds and Rust | 03:27 | 4.7mb | mp3 ]

And, here’s the original by Baez. Again, a beautiful song:


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