expanding theEMPIRE

The folks over at theCHIVE, “probably the best site in the world,” have expanded their photoblogging empire with three new sites.

theBERRY(formerly sheCHIVE): “That’s What She Saw”

theBERRY displays the best original and viral photos floating around the internet within witty galleries. Images range from adorable and sweet to hilarious and unexpected.

With hunky guy and fashion pics theBERRY is aimed primarily at women, but there’s something there for everyone.

theBRIGADE: “Military. Entertainment.”

All military, all the time. If you like anything military; weapons, war photography, etc.. then theBRIGADE is the place you need to be. They even have a DEAR JOHN category;

Cheating on a soldier while they are serving our country deserves a little humiliation. If you have been burnt by Jody while on duty, please send a tasteful photo of your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend for the whole world to see. If you have a Dear John letter -even better, send that along as well.

theBRIGADE is still young, so the categories aren’t yet filled out, but there’s plenty there for the military enthusiast with more coming.

theTHROTTLE: “Awesome. Auto. Photos.”

If you love cars. and girls. and funny, then head on over to theTHROTTLE for all your auto-visual needs. Like theBRIGADE, theTHROTTLE is new, so the categories aren’t yet filled out, but there’s still lots to look at.

You can click the above images to see the posts the images were cribbed from.

theCHIVE is a staple of mine. I usually click over to there near the end of the day to catch the Daily Afternoon Randomness, then the previous posts of the day. I think theCHIVE guys are expanding theEMPIRE to try to take over the world. Once everyone is laughing hysterically, or drooling over hot girls and guys, or fascinated by uber-cool cars and awesome firepower, they’ll make their move, and we’ll all be so occupied we won’t even notice. And then it will be too late– the world will be covered by funny, awesome pictures.


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