burning more time

As noted before, the internet eats time like a 10 year old eats candy on Halloween. Today, for instance, I’ve managed to piss away almost 9 hours. Hours I could’ve been cleaning the house, or fixing the blue car, or paying attention to my kids. I figured the house will be dirty tomorrow, screw that fucking car, and the kids hate me anyway, so I intertubed.

Today, I found something everyone else on the internet found about 2 years ago; 27b/6™. Or, as Wikipedia explains, the site (and its creator) made internet famous by that little spider guy right there.

The image appeared in a post about a series of emails in which the creator of the spider, and 27b/6™, offered the drawing in lieu of money for an overdue account, much hilarity ensues. The post went viral and 27b/6™ has since been a pretty popular site. If you haven’t seen it, go, its well worth the time. If you’ve already been, and know how funny that site is, well, hey thanks a lot for telling me.

Also, I found a way to get rich! Really. All I have to do is find someone to give me a teevee show, then buy some vicks to poke in my eye, and I can be the next Glenn Beck. I just use this handy Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator to get a new nutjob tale to tell my cult-like audience every day. Today’s topic:
Then I’ll say, “Boo! They’re coming to get ya!” and fake cry a lot and go cash my checks.

Now, I really should go do, um, something productive.

But I probably won’t.


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