Whatever it is, it aint good

I want to expand on a comment I made over at Laffy’s place, on her post titled, “What is happening to this country?” My comment;

Yeah, we are angry. Come November a certain amount of fellow citizens are going to vote republican, against their own interests as well as the greater interest of the United States, and despite reams of evidence attesting to the failure of republican policies. Some of these same fellow citizens are seething with hatred based on illusions created by immoral people with a greedy, selfish agenda. They are basted in fear, afraid of things that simply do not exist. And everyday they are presented with another lie, another new group/thing to fear and/or hate.

That makes me angry, yes, but mostly just sad.

My comment was in reply to this;

Unlawful behavior is all I’m angry about. Get a clue, pay attention and stop with the race bating. Have you really, really analyzed what’s going on here? Why are you so opposed to following the law? Of course people are volunteering to help uphold the law. Thats what real Americans do. You’d be angry too if you realized your country was being ripped out from underneath you and your fellow citizens were helping.

I’m not certain what his comment was referring to, but I assume it was regarding the AZ law supporters going to AZ to lend support. What it was in regards to is really beside the point, though. The comment was a testament to my reply. The whole “your country was being ripped out from underneath you” spew is par for the course, and based entirely on fear proffered up by conservative spokespeople and members of the conservative polity. The reality is that if anyone is damaging this country, it is the Ultra conservatives and their propagandist enablers in the media. Their constant vitriol and “othering” of this POTUS and liberals in general makes discourse nearly impossible. Without intelligent discourse, this country is doomed.

So, yeah, that shit makes me angry. Angry that almost 30% of our fellow citizens are making voting decisions without the benefit of truth or facts. Angry that there exists an entire media complex dedicated to lying to their viewers/listeners/readers. Angry that hyperbole (there are no death panels, the president was born in the USA, the president is not hitler, the president doesn’t favor black people over white people, the NBPP only has like 7 members, and sharia law is not coming to America, etc ad nauseam) rules the day with these folks. Angry that the serious views and opinions and policy discussions by people on the left get very little attention in any traditional media outlets (save for 3 hrs on MSNBC and a couple of bloggers at the WaPo) because the media are terrified of being called liberal. Angry that, to borrow from driftglass, the left was fucking right about Reaganomics, was right about the damage Bush would do, was right about the Iraq war, and yet the left still gets treated like bratty children by the Tradmed. Angry that the most egregious lies, and the most ridiculously false statements made by republicans/conservatives are treated with respect, while liberal counterpoints refuting these lies are treated with disdain.

A person can only hold on to so much anger, though, and there comes a time when it is just too tiring to maintain. And when the anger dissipates, what’s left is a profound sadness. Despite this sadness, however, whatever is happening in our Country, it aint good, but it is something we have to fight back against however we can.


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