Covering Your Tracks – 9

You know what doesn’t get covered enough? Alice Cooper tunes. I don’t know why. Probably because its hard to do an Alice Cooper song justice unless you’re, you know, Alice Cooper. Mr. Cooper is a presence, a presence that is injected into every track. When listening to an Alice Cooper song you see the on-stage character, which adds immensely to whatever he happens to be singing.

Even when bands do cover Alice Cooper songs, you still see the on-stage character. Iced Earth covered Alice’s “Dead Babies” on their 2002 release “Tribute to the Gods,” an entire album of covers.

The original had a creepy, dark carnival side-show vibe that was perfect for live shows. Iced Earth tries to capture that vibe, but with them not being Alice Cooper, they don’t quite catch it. They more than make up for it, though, with distortion and an intense, anthemic riff in the chorus. Its what you’d expect you’d hear from Iced Earth covering an Alice Cooper song, even though you still see Alice Cooper when you hear it.

[ Dead Babies (covered by Iced Earth) | 05:40 | 7.8mb | mp3 ]


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