Armageddon Through Your Speakers

…is an album by the band Bionic Jive. It is the band’s major label debut. Other than 2008’s Passion Over Politics it is their only release. Armageddon Through Your Speakers came out at a time when everyone was enamored with Linkin Parks’ Hybrid Theory, and so I think a lot of people missed it, and missed out. Its probably one of the best, if not the best, rap-metal album ever.

Most reviews and/or posts regarding Bionic Jive I’ve seen refer to the band as rapcore. I don’t think it fits (and not just because I loathe using -core to describe any music). The -core attachment hints at, to me at least, chaos or disorganization. While there may be seeming chaos on Armageddon, there is nothing disorganized about it. It is an album with a message, with many messages intertwined lending credence to the whole. It is a loud, angry, intelligent, political, inspiring, provocative fusion of trip-hop, hip-hop and metal.

Bionic Jive isn’t the first band to combine two disparate styles to create a unique new thing, and they won’t be the last. With Armageddon, though, the band has etched its name on the wall of music history in big, angry letters. They aren’t the first band to inject socio-political commentary into their music, either, but as commentary it is brutal and honest. While reading a music forum, I saw this comment;

I Spoke with Ako Mack Of Bionic jive Lately. He said, They Have Two Albums Hitting The Stores Soon… The Remixed Version Of “Passion Over Politics” And A Brand New Album…

Awesome. I can only imagine what political commentary they might have in regards to recent events in politics.

Chances are if you’ve heard of the band only in passing you probably heard “I Shot Lucifer” so here is another taste;
[ Break the Chains | 03:06 | 7.1mb | mp3 ]


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