free speech in glennbeckistan

One of Glenn Beck’s cult members complained to a library about a book, and the library removed it.

A public library in Burlington County, New Jersey has ordered all of the copies of “Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology” removed from circulation, after a member of Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project complained about the book’s content.

What bullshit. Just think about life under the rule of Beckish politicians. What books would Beckolytes like removed next? Books about Thomas Jefferson? Books by, and/or about President Obama? The Dictionary?

The book was removed by the library because Beck’s 9/12er minion says that it contained “child pornography.” Apparently those words scared the library board;

“The Commission ultimately supported the decision to remove “Revolutionary Voices” from circulation, though “no official challenge” was made, and “no actual vote by the commissioners” was taken, according to Sweet’s emails. The reasoning was that the book constituted “child pornography.””

Free Speech used to matter. To a lot of us it still does. There are a lot of books in my local library I do not like, ie; any book praising Reagan or GW Bush. I, however, don’t run into the library to whine about it and ask that they remove it. I just DON”T FUCKING READ IT. If I find a book offensive I just DON”T FUCKING READ IT. Also, unlike this 9/12er moron, don’t presume to make reading decisions for other parents/people.

In order for this country to survive, to grow, to move forward, people like Beck and his 9/12 cult need to be stomped into a puddle of goo. The fact that the 9/12ers have a talk show host, and an entire network dedicated to their 1800s view of America, makes one voice very, very loud. So loud that it takes more of us to counter the few of them. But it is something we MUST do.

Let the library know that you value free speech, and will not stand by while a loud, pseudo-moral minority dictates what the majority can read. This isn’t Glennbeckistan, and free speech matters.


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