fvcking frauds

Taking “i was for it before I was against it before…” to new heights;

The republicans aren’t saying no out of principle, they have no principles.

in addition…About my post’s title (which was ‘fvcking hypocrites’); I just saw a post elsewehere- Stop Calling Republicans Hypocrites, and the author has a point;

It’s not that Republicans aren’t hypocrites – it’s more that the label just isn’t an effective dig. First, hypocrite is a fancy foreign Greek word like amnesty, ethics or Europe – how is that going to appeal to Republicans? Second, espousing virtues you don’t personally have to live up is basically the point of being a Republican.
..using the word “hypocrite” should really be stopped altogether. It’s become a meaningless insult like “Nazi,” “bias,” or “environmentalist.” It actually has some spray back onto its user anyway. Basically pointing out someone is a hypocrite makes you sound like an angsty emo tween. It’s a word we learn in junior high to apply to grownups.

Instead of “hypocrite” I recommend the word “fraud.” It sounds bad. Fraud is illegal. Fraud is immoral. And it’s an accurate way of describing hypocrisy without sounding like an irate Justin Bieber fan.

Okay, title changed. And yes, they are frauds.


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