when you’ve had too much to think

In the Time of the Internet it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re a news junkie. Trying to keep up with the fauxtrage machine on the right is almost impossible, and trying to absorb all the stupid the TPers engage in is like trying to soak up a lake with a sponge. The left vs. left shit gets real old as well. Once in a while it does a person good to just disconnect from everything, sit in a dark place, erase the world around you and turn inward. It gives a person a chance to process everything, decide what is worth your time, and what isn’t*, and generally clear the mind. In that spirit, a song;

Opposite Earth – Headspace
A quest for peace – the many that are me
A constant fight, which one is right
If they’d only agree – headspace
Headspace, behind my face
You can never come inside
My real home, where my thoughts roam
Just me, myself and I
Out of touch, life’s too much, too much to think
Headspace, invisible race of one
All at once or one alone, walking or asleep
A private place, a sacred space
When I’ve had too much to think
Never ending drone
conversations running deep
Headpace, a change of pace
Somewhere for me to hide
Secrets to confide, a place for me to hide
Secrets to confide, a place for me, myself and I
A place for me
[ lyrics © Opposite Earth – from the album Headspace ]

*most of it isn’t


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