people say dumb things

Of the myriad stupid arguments anti-gay folks use to deny fellow citizens equal rights, one strikes me as the dumbest;

It is impossible to respect everyone’s rights without destroying those of others. For example, the rights of gays to marry interferes with the rights of others to religious freedom and freedom of speech.

That is from the comments section at CNN. The sentiment isn’t new, though, and the argument has been used time and time again. Its just, well.. fucking stupid. When LGBT folks finally have their equal rights affirmed, the person that wrote the above comment, as well as all those that think like him/her, will be affected in exactly zero ways. It certainly won’t affect their First Amendment rights;

Religious Freedom : They will still be able to go to church. They will still be able to worship as they see fit, when they see fit. Gay people getting married is irrelevant to their church-going or worshiping habits. If they mean they will be prohibited from discriminating against fellow citizens, well, yes and no. If they are a church pastor/father/whatever, and do not want their church to marry two gay persons, they shouldn’t. As a church they have every right (unless they receive federal monies, in which case they would be barred from discriminating against gay couples, and the same would go for state monies wherein the state has anti-discrimination laws including LGBT folks) . Just as the one next door has the right to agree to marry two gay people. If they mean in the course of doing business outside of the church, and they want to deny a couple catering services because gay marriage is contrary to their beliefs, they are free to deny said couple. And, said couple is free to go to the next caterer, whom, I’m sure, will be glad to take the couple’s money. Finally, if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married. No one will be forcing you to.

Freedom of Speech: This is the dumbest of the two. The anti-gay folks spew all the hate they want now, and when LGBT folks finally have the same rights as heteros, that won’t change. They will still be able to hate. They’ll just look even more like assholes doing it.

Biblical/Christianity based arguments against equality are meaningless. The law, The Constitution, is secular, and recognizes no religion, or religious viewpoint. Just because their religion tells them something is wrong, does not make it wrong. The right to marry being granted to LGBT people does not remove anyone else’s rights. At all. To say otherwise is silly, to actually think otherwise is just plain dumb.


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