Covering Your Tracks – 10

Remember 30, 35 years ago when Ted Nugent made good music? He may have made some since, but I haven’t paid much attention since 1977. I thought Weekend Warriors was terrible, and lost interest in the ‘Nug.’

When he made good music, though, it was really good. “Stranglehold,” “Great White Buffalo” and “Free-for-All” are amazing tracks. It can be argued that the strength of those first few albums was Derek St. Holmes rather than Ted. Not that it matters. Whether written solely by Ted, or collaboratively, they wrote, and played good music back then. The live album Double Live Gonzo is a testament to the excellence of those early years.

One of the most recognizable tracks of those early releases is “Cat Scratch Fever.” Its probably one of the first songs any budding rock start learns on the guitar. Its a simple, straightforward rock-n-roll song. One of those songs you know, immediately, when you hear it.

The track was covered by Pantera for the 1999 movie Detriot Rock City. Ted Nugent said the cover “was exceedingly white. No soul, no balls, no feel. Caucasian all the way.” Oh, Ted. It has plenty of balls, and feel, and soul. Its just a different kind. And “exceedingly white,” really? Ted is such an asshole.

Here’s Pantera’s harder, better version;
[ Cat Scratch Fever | 03:47 | 5.3mb | mp3 ]


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