Covering Your Tracks – 11

Sometimes bands do cover songs to hone their skills (see Metallica’s “Garage” series), sometimes because its cheap and easier than writing something original, and sometimes… Well, sometimes you just have to ask, “what the fuck were they thinking?!”

The folks over at What is That Song? have, among a plethora of other lists, the Top 10 Worst Covers Ever. I’ll admit I’d never heard any of these (that I can recall anyway) although some are so bad, so painful to hear, that I may have blocked the memory of hearing them. In addition to being terrible, they boggle the mind. Enjoy?

10. Lisa Marie Presley – Dirty Laundry
9. Faith Hill – Piece Of My Heart
8. Will To Power – Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird
7. Jessica Simpson – Take My Breath Away
6. Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes
5. Madonna – American Pie
4. Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb
3. Britney Spears – I Love Rock N’ Roll
2. Celine Dion & Anastacia – You Shook Me All Night Long
1. DB & Macy Gray – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
— list via

I’d opine that Scissor Sisters cover of Comfortably Numb should be number 1, as it is arguably the worst cover song ever. Ever.


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