gibbs’ accidental genius

Earlier this week Press Sec Robert Gibbs unloaded on some of the left who constantly bash the POTUS, and barely give recognition to the POTUS’ accomplishments. Whether or not what Mr. Gibbs said has any validity is answered by the reaction in the lefty blogosphere. Validity aside, though, Mr. Gibbs’ comments were accidental genius.

The cable news folks love, love, love some conflict. They especially love tension and perceived disarray within the Democratic party. So, when Gibbs tosses insults at the more progressive members of the left, and when other members of the left agree with those insults, you get conflict. Conflict gets you time on the cable news. Time to actually talk about what issues the “professional left” are advocating for. This is news-cycle time that would normally have been used to peek at Lindsay Lohan in jail or something even less informative, like Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

So, please ‘professional left’ and/or those who may disagree with them, when you get the call to appear on CNN or MSNBC (or anywhere, really), rather than give the media the cat-fight they want (or the POTUS bashing they fap to), talk about progressive policies and the benefits those policies will bring to the American people. Talk about the good that has been done, and how we can make it better. Talk about how truly bad things will get if republicans gain control. Gibbs’ tone-deafness gives us an opportunity. It would be unprofessional to waste it.


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