don’t get out of the boat

Yesterday, during my usual trip through my blogroll, I got out of the boat (leaving the article you are reading, to read the linked material and comments), and, as happens sometimes when one gets out of the boat, I regretted it. One of the places was one of Andrew Breitbart’s slimy BigSomethings. The article was another wingnut Muslim bashing screed, and it was bad, but the comments were absolutely disgusting.

It was like reading a Hitler-era message board. Any and all manner of things were said to the effect of “get rid of all the Muslims.” Final-solutionists who want to “get rid of” an entire group pf people. The whole thing is just so fucking sad. They are so myopic in their vision that they fail to realize that if they get their wish, and the group of people they want gone are gone, they could be next. Also, none of the commentariat seems to have read the First Amendment.

I wont go back, not because I’m scared, or have no faith in my argument, but because they won’t listen, and because the things they say are truly sickening. They’ve made up their minds that ALL Muslims are evil terrorists. So, my inbox will probably fill with replies I won’t answer directly. I will give a little food for thought here, though.

To those who like to lump all Muslim-Americans in with terrorists, who like to claim that just by being a Muslim, you are an enemy of America, please know; There are Muslim Law Enforcement officers and Muslim firefighters protecting you, there are Muslim doctors saving your lives, and there are, and were, Muslim soldiers, who have sworn to protect and defend your Constitutional right to shower them with hate and bigoted vitriol. They fought and died to defend the Constitutional protections you seek to deny them.

The irony is, those of you who that wish to deny these American citizens rights because of their religion, are on the same side of the argument as bin Laden– he hates these moderate American Muslims too.


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