a republican i almost agree with

A GOPer in Louisiana made some statements recently that I kind of agree with. A little anyway. Here’s a bit of what Rep John Fleming (R-LA) said;

We are either going to go down the socialist road and become like western Europe and create, I guess really a godless society, an atheist society. Or we’re going to continue down the other pathway where we believe in freedom of speech, individual liberties and that we remain a Christian nation. So we’re going to have to win that battle, we’re going to have to solve that argument before we can once again reach across and work together on things.

I agree with the sentiment that bipartisanship is futile. It used to be that party differences were settled through compromise for the good of The People. Now, one party, the Democratic one (in theory anyway), is still dedicated to working for the good of The People, while the republican party, and their ultra-con sugar-daddies, is dedicated to corporate profits and oppression/demonization of non-white, non-christian citizens. Oh, and cutting taxes. Because cutting taxes creates magic ponies creates jobs. Even though the Bush tax cuts have been in effect for 10 years and haven’t created any jobs.

While I may agree with a bit of Fleming’s sentiment, Mr. Fleming is a fucking moron. His statement that we “remain” a “christian nation” is antithetical to the rest of that statement about Freedom of Speech. It is also par-for-the-course conservative revisionist history. We are not now, and have never been a “christian nation.” The Constitution the Teapartiers and their conservative masters are always crowing about (but apparently never read) IS a secular document . No religious test, freedom of religion etc..

Until the right purges itself of crazy people like this Fleming ass, and the Sharrron Angles, the Sarah Palins and the Newt Gingrichs, Mr. Fleming is right; there will be no working across the aisle. You can’t work with people on important issues when one party is not acting/thinking/behaving rationally, or working for the benefit of The People.


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