A New Decay

… is an album by Danish 5-piece progressive rock band Boil [@boilmusic]. Its a really, really good album too. The music ranges from metal-ish to subdued using myriad instruments and arrangements. The vocals are incredible and absolutely packed with emotion. From the opening guitar bit on the song “Redefine,” to the lingering fadeout of the last track, “Starless,” the album delivers.

Boil‘s music draws the inevitable comparisons to other bands that utilize polyrhythmic structures. They are also compared to older Incubus and, for some reason, Alice in Chains. Well, it is, after all, modern progressive rock. However, despite being compared to 90s era alternative bands, the music feels contemporary and new. A New Decay is an effortlessly sophisticated , multi-layered, complex album. An album that demands multiple listens, and with each listen a new discovery.

Here’s what Boil says about A New Decay:

[The] new album is a testament to the band’s obvious talent for creating melodic and catchy, yet intricate and complex rock songs.
”A New Decay” is the result of many hours of hard work, dedication, drive and a passion for creating a unique and personal sound.

If you are a progressive rock fan A New Decay is a must have. Here’s a taste;
[ Faceless from A New Decay | 03:12 | 4.4mb | mp3 ]

01. Redefine (5:41)
02. Transition (4:46)
03. Sleepwalker (3:11)
04. Quiet Hours (8:23)
05. Faceless (3:12)
06. Clarity (4:53)
07. The Fall (5:49) [“4 stars” ed.]
08. Dead Inside (4:20)
09. Hypersomnia (3:51)
10. Starless (3:15)


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