Covering Your Tracks – 23

Seems I missed another week. Probably because I procrastinate like a pro. I’ll likely put off my own death until the next day.

Anyway, I was sitting in the car the other morning at my favorite spot to sit in the car, and, for the first time in probably a year, I listened to the radio. I heard a cover of one of the greatest rock songs of all time; “Bad Company.” Since I don’t listen to the radio that often, I had no idea who it was, nor could I place it just by listening. After some googling, I found that its done by Five Finger Death Punch for the album War Is the Answer.

It caught my ear because it is really, really good. It does a fantastic job of staying true to the original, while adding a heavier, more modern measure to it that actually makes it a better song. Well, maybe not a better song, but certainly a “Bad Company” worthy of the 21st century.

In the event you’ve never heard it, here’s 5FDP doing “Bad Company.”


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