Pinkroom – Psychosolstice

Pinkroom is a progressive rock band from Poland. Psychosolstice is the band’s 2009 release. If one were to compare Pinkroom to another band for reference, it would have to be Porcupine Tree (with a Polish accent).

Pinkroom’s Psychosolstice is a fantastic release. It is a lush soundscape with rolling hills of percussion, dense, waving fields of guitars, thick, bassline trees, and a clear sky with occasional puffy clouds of vocals. As you wander through this soundscape, you will hear odd, distant sounds- brass birds, footsteps, and more. Each time you start the 56 minute journey through, you’ll hear something new, especially if make sure to look under things, around things, through things.

Pretentious descriptive aside, this is a really strong album. Not real heavy, but parts heavier than others, it is mostly a mellow, daedal listen, and despite minor mistakes in language, which is no big deal considering, the whole thing flows together very, very nicely. Well worth the 56 minute listen. Well worth many 56 minute listens even.

Here’s a 5 minute or so taste;
[ Buried Hopes | 05:24 | 9mb | mp3 ]


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