Covering Your Tracks – 24

When I was a young man, I was in love with Blondie. Deborah Harry was fucking hot, hot hot! Whenever she was on the teevee machine, I tuned in. Even if I had to sneak down to the living room after I was sent to bed. This went double if she was performing “Call Me.” Such a flirty, dirty (at least to a young teenage boy with raging hormones) song.

The song has been covered a bunch in the intervening years. While I haven’t heard them all, the best one I have ever heard is by the French industrial/rock band Porn, from their release A Decade in Glitter and Danger.

A gritty, heavy reprise that drags an already “dirty” song through even more dirt, making it even more awesome.

Here’s Porn covering Blondie in glitter and industrial grime;
[ Call Me covered by Porn | 03:48 | 5.4mb | mp3 ]


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