Covering Your Tracks – 25

Fuck words. Especially when they come from that douche Axl Rose.

I kid, I kid. “Welcome to the Jungle,” from the seminal album Appetite for Destruction (which proved, despite the emerging popularity of grunge, that metal was most certainly not dead), is a fucking rockin’ track. It is a raw, harsh look at what happens to the kids with stars in their eyes who get off the bus in La La land, and end up in a dumpster, on a corner somewhere, or starring in low-budget porn.

Could “Welcome..” convey the same desperation and sleazy message without Axl Rose’s screeching? John 5, guitar god, and his wordless cover version say, “Oh, fuck yeah!” Where the lyrics were, the guitar speaks.

From his third solo release, 2007’s The Devil Knows My Name, John 5 shreds “Welcome to the Jungle.”

[ Welcome to the Jungle | 04:28 | 8.19MB | mp3 ]


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