Tetrafusion – Altered State

A few years ago on another blog I wrote a review of a band called Clockhammer. Clockhammer were a jazz/progressive rock/metal fusion band. Recently I had the pleasure of finding a band called Tetrafusion. “Tetrafusion is a Louisiana-based progressive metal band[.]” While they are primarily listed around the interwebz as a Progressive Metal band, I prefer to call ’em more jazz/metal fusion, similar to Clockhammer.

On Tetrafusion’s Formspring page, I asked if they’d heard of Clockhammer, and if the band had any influence on their sound. The answer was;

I’ve never heard of them, so doubt it. :P

The similarities are uncanny, however, especially on the first track from Tetrafusion’s 2010 release Altered State. Regardless of whether Clockhammer had any influence on Tetrafusion, the music of Altered State is extraordinary. The opening riff of the first track, “Collage of the Present,” pulls you in, and from that point on its just jaw-dropping musical craftsmanship.

Seamless transitions from progressive metal, to jazzy piano/guitar interludes, from crisp, clean guitar solos, to slices of distortion-laden guitars, and on to orchestral respites, Altered State is a testament to what can be accomplished when crafting music.

If you are a fan of progressive rock/metal, metal/jazz-fusion, experimental rock, or, really, any music that stretches the boundaries of myriad genres, then Tetrafusion’s Altered State is for you.

1. Collage of the Present 9:42 **
2. Monologue 4:45
3. Last Chance 5:28
4. The Deserter 6:55
5. Altered State 5:08
6. Shadows 6:01
7. Tears of the Past 12:39

As always, a taste;
[ Collage of the Present | 09:41 | 13.4mb | mp3 ]


One response to “Tetrafusion – Altered State

  1. Jim December 29, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    I agree here, Tetrafusion is fucking amazing. Hopefully Clockhammer will deliver too, checking out now.

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