Battling Delirium

Comedian Bill Hicks (RIP) said something in one of his bits to the effect of “If you think drugs are bad, go, now, throw away every rock album you own.” His point was that drugs, especially natural ones, and ones that serve a greater purpose than just ‘getting high’ have contributed greatly to society, and in particular, music.

LSD and Mary Jane were the inspiration/catalyst for the music of Battling Delirium, an Alabama, USA based band.

Inspired by the acidic levity of LSD and the coughs from the forever-growing Mother Mary Jane, Battling Delirium was born in 1998.

The sound is psychedelic progressive rock at its “inspired” finest. Really, though, the band describe themselves better than I can;

Battling Delirium is a mind altering powerhouse with progressive rock and classic rock influences. Drawing on their various musical, artistic and cultural backgrounds, Battling Delirium have truly reinvented ear candy for the masses.

I’ve been trying for a while to think of a way to write about Battling Delirium without mentioning the band that starts with “T” and rhymes with “cool,” but the similarities are there. This takes nothing away from Battling Delirium as a musical enterprise. The music is still masterful art, especially through headphones. It is a journey in and of itself; a trip if you will.

Thus far the band has released 2 albums, 2007’s Naturaldelia and 2008’s Locust, both of which you can download free from the official site (after a quick 30 second sign-up).

Battling Delirium now provides all albums FREE of charge to you wonderful listeners.Well, the MP3 albums are free…CDs cost money to make, so if you are one of those geriatric types that still collects CDs you’ll have to buy from Amazon. All albums come complete with tracks and artwork.

While the music is no longer free, it is well worth the $7 a pop (from bandcamp) to buy all of the albums!

So if you like progressive rock/metal with an understated experimental vibe, and killer, thought-provoking lyrics, and what the fuck I’ll just say it, sound a lot like Tool, go, grab em while they last. As always I’ll give you a hit from each to get you started;

[ From Naturaldelia – Chakra | 07:18 | 7.86mb | mp3 ]

[ From Locust – Lucy Don’t Give a Fuck | 03:42 | 6.53mb | mp3 ]


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