American Dog – Mean

For a while now, since the 80s at least, rock has been split, and re-split into myriad genres. Alternative, progressive,, crossover, etc.. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, it makes finding music for specific tastes/moods/occasions easier. However, some of the genres, and the bands in them, take themselves way too seriously. Sometimes you just want to listen to some good, old-fashioned Hard Rock with a sense of humor.

Thank the gods of music for American Dog, then. American Dog is a Columbus, Ohio based band. Their 2010 release Mean is a bottle-rattling bar fight in the form of 11 songs. Heavy, simple, bluesy, dirty songs about drinkin’, girls, and how the American Dream is bullshit. And, oh yeah, real fucking guitar solos. Music for a Saturday night out at the rowdiest bar in town.

The only album of theirs I’ve had the pleasure of hearing so far is Mean. I plan to rectify that soon.

If you want some good, old fashioned, straight-forward, dirty rock-n-roll, you should rectify that by getting in on Mean and anything else you can find by American Dog. You can find more of ’em at MySpace, and videos and shit on their official site.

I’m streaming the title track, “Mean,” below. Crack one open, and enjoy.

1. Just One More
2. Cat Has Got You by the Tongue
3. Drivin’ Down the Sidewalk
4. Mean **
5. Boozehound
6. Gonna Stop Drinkin’ Tomorrow
7. Mine All Mine
8. This Ain’t the Summer of Love
9. Sunshine/Moonshine
10. Ain’t Dead Yet
11. Motherfucker

[ Mean | 04:21 | 10.0mb | mp3 ]


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