If you like short audio fiction, especially horror or sc-fi, the internet offers a plethora of choices. When it comes to short audio crime fiction, and/or serialized audio crime fiction your choices can be limited.

Its awesome then, that Seth Harwood’s CrimeWAV exists. Short crime stories, longer stories serialized, and peeks into Mr. Harwood’s dead tree books all appear at the site. is a new podcast series of crime stories that I’m starting with the aim of introducing the work of published crime writers… I’m doing this for two reasons: I want to bring some of the great work that’s out there by people in the crime writing scene to the crime listeners I’ve developed with my podcast series–I want to give my listeners more great crime content– and I want to help the crime writers I’ve met get their work into the podcast realm so they can benefit from what I think is a great promotional opportunity in podcasting and get more readers/listeners.

The site can be a bit overwhelming as there’s a looot of info on it, and finding the stories can be tricky. If you want to skip all the tricky stuff and get straight to the listening part, you can find all of Seth’s books, and the entire CrimeWAV series over at Podiobooks, and at iTunes.

Here’s one to get you started;
[ The Last Bachelor of North Miami by Jason Starr | 12:55 | 11.8mb | mp3 ]

Most of the stories in the CrimeWAV series are longer than this one, just wanted to put up a short, well, short to give an idea. Go, visit, download and listen. Because, really, to not would be a crime. ;)


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