Covering Your Tracks – 28

The song “21st Century Schizoid Man” was first recorded in 1969 by King Crimson for their debut In the Court of the Crimson King. It has since been covered numerous times, most notable by April Wine and Ozzy.

It was recently covered re-recorded by King Crimson founding member Robert Fripp with Tool/A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan providing vocals. The song is the first track released from the forthcoming The Human Experimente album Dreaming in Exile. The Human Experimente is project conceived of by Robert Fripp and soundtrack architect Jeff Fayman, and the music will not be bound to any particular genre;

The songs presented by The Human Experimente … will have no specific agenda, style or thematic genre. Instead, they are simply meant to be listened to on an individual basis purely predicated upon the merit of each song itself.
The styles of the songs that will be included within the first compilation from The Human Experimente (slated for early 2010) will range from intensely dramatic industrial rock, to beautifully melodic– and almost operatic– themes.

While its technically not a cover, since Fripp was one of the original artists, Keenan’s addition and obvious influence over the direction the re-recording took, makes it one in my book.

You can judge for yourself, but you have to admit, either way, that its a transcendent track and should be re-released every few years or so, just because its awesome.
[ 21st Century Schizoid Man | 03:45 | 7.98 | mp3 ]


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