Free Music Good..

..good music free is even better. I’ve posted about a couple of bands on this blog that offer some of their music for free; Dramatic Sin‘s first two eps are available free from Jamendo, Another Vertigo Rush who offers their album Murphy’s Law for download, and Battling Delirium offers 2 albums free as well (after a quick signup).

I thought I’d let you know of a couple more artists who have music to share for free;

Kieth Merrow, technical metal guitar wizard, who just released his third album Awaken the Stone King (which I’ll be posting on shortly), offers his first two releases, Lonestar Transcend and The Arrival gratis. Just hit the downloads page and scroll down.

Another generous artist, Joseph Kenyon, the genius behind Runined Machines furnishes all his tunes for love and no money. Just hit the Music link and click Download Now.

These are great artists who do what they do for the love of music, and present their art for no charge because they want to spread that love. If they decide to start charging, and who can begrudge them that, then they’ve a built in fanbase ready to buy. In the meantime, though, thanks awesome musicians for the great music.

Anyway, go, grab this great music whilst its still free. :)


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