Covering Your Tracks – 30

“Motorin!” is the lyric, and no one knows what the fuck it means. “Motorin'” is of course from the 80s mega-hit “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger. A song about drummer Kelly Keagy’s younger sister, Christy.

While we may not be sure what some of the lyrics mean, we can be sure the power ballad was, and is, a song that sticks to ya. But, what would happen if someone totally changed the arrangement of the song, making it less power, more ballad, and sweetened it up.

That’s what Coheed & Cambria did with it, and it turns out it makes for a lovely, lovely track. C&C’s version “was released by the band via the bands official website as an MP3 download as a Christmas present to their fans.”

Pure sugar is what it is;
[ Coheed and Cambria – Sister Christian | 02:54 | 2.7mb | mp3 ]


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