My Morning

Last night my daughter’s car started acting up. She called from some restaurant saying the “steering was haaarrrd.” I figured it may just be low, or completely out of, power steering fluid.

She managed to get it home, and indeed, the power steering fluid was low. I filled it up and… nothing. The steering was still hard, and the car seemed to be idling weird as well. Since it was 9pm, I couldn’t really see a lot, but I shone the tiny flashlight I had all ’round the power steering pump, and saw no visible leaks or broken hoses.

Then, when pointing the flashlight down a little further, I see the ribs of a belt nowhere near where they should be. Again, since it was 9pm, I couldn’t see a lot, but tried to figure out how to put the belt back on, and thought maybe one had broken and fallen out of the engine compartment. Off to google! Where I find this:

2000 Escort Xs2 Serpentine belt

A fucking serpentine belt. Side-facing, with a gap of, like, 3, maybe 3 and a half inches in which to work to get it fixed.

Luckily, I found a somewhat simpler picture:

Simpler picture of belt, job still sucks

Yeah, I’m only writing this post to avoid having to go out and fight with the damn thing.


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