Covering Your Tracks – 31

It is probably hard to cover a Type O Negative song. The recently passed Pete Steele had a one-of-a-kind voice, which made T.O.N. music unique. The song “Love You to Death,” from their ’96 release October Rust is one of many songs that define the T.O.N. sound.

With a challenge like covering a song like “Love You to Death” what would a band do? Well, the Polish goth band Moonlight beef it up a bit with brooding goth guitars, and with Maja Konarska’s vocals, reinvent the song. A female lead singer changes the song to be sure, but even so, leaves the absolute desperation present in the track in tact. The Moonlight version is found on a compilation release, Blood, Sweat and Tears: A Tribute to T.O.N.

In “Love You to Death” there is beauty in its abject obsession. While the original will always be better, Moonlight’s version is fantastic:

[ Moonlight – Love You To Death | 07:54 | 7.23mb | mp3 ]

Here’s the original:

[Rest in Peace, Mr. Steele]


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