Covering Your Tracks – 32

..and we’re back! Warning, this weeks CYT featured track may result in volume control abuse.

I recently came across Monkey3‘s 2009 release Undercover. As the title hints at, this album is all covers. Monkey3 is a psychedelic, progressive rock band that plays intense instrumental music. Undercover is no exception. Well, except for the covers of Kiss’ “Watchin’ You” and Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” where they utilize vocals for the first time.

The opening track is a cover of a song by a band I’d never heard previously, Archive. The track is called “Numb” and it is from Archive’s 2002 release You All Look the Same to Me.

To say “Numb” is a good cover would be doing it an injustice. While the basic structure remains intact, Monkey3 tears it up. M3 remove the vocals and add distortion and an eerie vibe, making for something entirely different from the original. To say it is a good song would also be doing it an injustice. This track is fucking awesome. It is heart-achingly, neck-breakingly good. It is getting out of your chair at work, jumping up and down, playing that air guitar for all its worth good.

Wait ’til you hear it!
[ Numb | 05:29 | 8.8mb | mp3 ]
See what I mean? What a crackin’ track. As commenters thawey and sploosh999 wrote on the track’s page: repeat, repeat, repeat!! And, as you can tell from the feed over there, I’ve done just that.

Here is the original by Archive.


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