When A Podcast Isn’t Just A Podcast

I love fiction podcasts. They’ve become essential tools at my job to help while away the hours, and I love a good story. A couple of months ago, through a link on the Dunesteef site, I found StarShipSofa, and its Aural Delights podcast. At the time I think they were well past episode 150.

From brief descriptions by the hosts of Dunesteef and the Drabblecast, I knew that StarShipSofa was, as hinted at by its name, a Sci-Fi podcast. What I didn’t know was how much I would fall in love with it, or how much it would come to mean to me. Or, how much I would come to respect and admire its host Tony C. Smith.

I decided rather than starting at the current episode, and going backwards as time permitted, I would start at episode number 1, and go forward. Wow, what an experience, and a realization that the SSS isn’t just a sci-fi podcast that tells stories, it is, in and of itself, a story.

Those first few episodes were just Mr. Smith opening the show, and then a story. What was different than other podcasts was Mr. Smith’s openness about his own life, and about what sci-fi, and The StarShipSofa meant to him, and later what it did for him. As I continued to listen (I managed about 4 episodes a day) it just kept getting better. The addition of Fact Articles (Genre history, movie reviews, hard real science news, interviews with leading writers, remote spots from different “-Cons”, etc..), made what was once just a narrated story to a full-on Audio Science Fiction Magazine.

In between stories and articles and interviews, listeners get a lot of Tony C. Smith, and his passion for the genre, and what he’s doing with it. One also gets to hear a lot about what goes on behind the scenes, and gets to know the people that Tony has assisting him in making SSS the best sci-fi podcast out there. I could name them all, but I won’t, because that would ruin the story. However, they are all as passionate, and compassionate, as their host.

If you love science fiction, StarShipSofa is a fine way to get more stories in your head. You can jump in anywhere in the StarShipSofa timeline and be treated to a great story, an interesting and/or entertaining Fact Article, and an adorably accented host. I would suggest starting from the beginning though, so you know the story behind all the stories.


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