Atmospheric Ascension

…is a band from my part of Oklahoma. I’ve been doing a little work on the band’s behalf.

I worked for the band in their previous incarnation as Aslan, including a cd cover package. After the last cover, the band decided to go in a different direction, and to a different artist. Since then the original band, Aslan, disbanded due to, I’m guessing, personality conflicts. The force behind the band, David, also got married and now his wife, Sommer, is the lead singer of the new band; Atmospheric Ascension.

The band has solidified its line-up, and is back to making incredible music. David is a mastermind, and the band’s music is complex progressive metal with a spiritual/sci-fi bent. They are currently in the studio recording material for a debut Atmospheric Ascension album.

Here’s a little taste, the featured track from their site, and I can’t wait until there’s more. Perhaps they’ll commission me to do the artwork for the new release. :)

[ Dream Before Sleeping (demo) | 06:34 | 9.3mb | mp3 ]

You can find the band in all the usual places; facebook, reverbnation and PureVolume. You can also find them today at the OKC Festival of the Arts, and on May 6th at the Bora Bora in OKC. If you happen to live in Oklahoma, or within driving distance, go, visit, and show some love.


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