Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy

…is a new release from the progressive alt.rock band dredg. The album has taken some hits review-wise judging from comments at the band’s page.

Some examples:

I’m disappointed with the new album, that is not dredg :(

I absolutely love all of their previous releases…. but I’m sorry to say I just can’t get into the new album no matter how hard I try.

crap album, crap album, crap album

new album is crap, except for upon returning of course.


There’s more, but you get the idea. Remember when Metallica released Load and everyone shit their pants and screeched “sell-outs” and “they cut their hair!” etc.. Well, its kinda like that.

Previous releases by dredg have admittedly been more complex musically, but there is absolutely nothing this listener hears wrong with Chuckles... Is it Catch Without Arms? No. Is it El Cielo? No. Is it Lietmotif? No. By the same token, though, none of those is Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy.

From latin-rhythms-on-valium, to new-wavish pop, to sweet and sensitive and back again, Chuckles.. delivers. Aside from being a bit less complex musically than previous releases, the album also, at least to these ears, uses the vocals as a more prominent intrument.

As with Metallica’s Load, or any band that changes its sound or approach to making music, it takes some getting used to, and if you are a real fan (of the band, and not just the music you think they should create) you will give it a chance. It is well worth it. I think Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy is a fantastic, mellow album with some great music on it. And really, who could resist listening to an album with that cover. That’s just my opinion, though.

Here’s the opening track “Another Tribe,” What’s your opinion?
[ Another Tribe | 03:46 | 5.8mb | mp3 ]

Oh, and here are Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy


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