Quiet Child – Evening Bell

Quiet Child are a four piece alternative rock band from Australia. They are another in a string of bands to emanate from down under, including Cog, Dead Letter Circus and The Butterfly Effect. Quiet Child’s music is, well, it is fucking fantastic.

In reading reviews of Evening Bell I was surprised to see it trashed the way it was. “Boring,” “Promising but..,” and the like were the terms most used. I heartily and vociferously disagree. The album is, to this listener, a feast for the ears. One thing the reviews all agree on, however, is that the vocals are amazing. The voice is a prominent instrument on Evening Bell and it is spectacular.

Of the 9 tracks on the album, only one is less than 4 minutes, and most are at least 6, with the 1st track, “Flowers in the Middle of the Road” coming in at a bit over 10 and a half minutes. Evening Bell is a dark, emotional work, with heavy, catchy guitar riffs, smooth, mellow lighter sounds, all accompanied by vocalist Peter Spiker’s angelic singing.

Far from boring, and very, very promising, Evening Bell is an album well worth having. It hasn’t left my iPod, or my car’s CD player since I found it.

Here’s a taste–
[ Captain Tripps | 06:33 | 15mb | mp3 ]


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