Covering Your Tracks – 37

Almost everyone knows the Lynyrd Skynyrd track “Sweet Home Alabama.” Its a classic rock staple, and one of the first tunes a budding guitar player learns. It is a great track that’d be hard to cover without ruining it.

The German band Bonfire covered “Sweet Home Alabama” for their 1999 album Fuel To the Flames. They managed to stay pretty true to the song, while beefing up the guitars and giving it the vocals you’d expect from a German metal band. All-in-all a decent cover.

[ Bonfire – Sweet Home Alabama | 04:09 | 5.77mb | mp3 ]


One response to “Covering Your Tracks – 37

  1. Matt Osborne (@OsborneInk) November 13, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    “In Birmingham they love the governor” — this line is ironic. Jefferson County was the only place that voted for George Wallace’s opponent in the 1962 election. As punishment, Wallace withheld funding for the I-20 project and Birmingham lost out to Atlanta in the race to become the South’s chief city.

    “Now Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers” — this is a reference to one of the greatest session bands of all time. The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section includes David Hood, whose son Patterson fronts The Drive By Truckers today.

    The song contains so much local lore that it’s always breathtaking to hear it performed by a band across the water.

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