hypocrite oath

A few weeks ago I was hospitalized for some seriously high blood pressure. It has been an ongoing issue with me for a few years, but the day I went to the ER my BP was so high, the blood pressure machine at work couldn’t read the top number. By the time I was admitted it had come down a little, but was still 198/98 with a pulse-rate of 120+.

I’d been to a number of doctors in town, all had prescribed me a mild blood pressure medicine, and waved off the anxiety issues I had, both as a cause of the high BP and about the high BP. When I was released from the hospital, I was referred to a new doc in town. I had my first visit with him on July 31.

He was great, he listened to my concerns, he prescribed adequate doses and medicines for the hypertension issues, the heart rate issues, and the anxiety issue. He was friendly, with a great sense of humor. Until… he started in with the god talk. During my first visit it was merely in passing, as he said, “god never gives us more than we can handle,” then he went on with medical talk. I waved it off. Considering where I live, in the buckle of the bible belt (southern OK), almost everyone waves their religion around. A previous doctor brought god into the room as well, only he tried to prescribe god to me as a medicine (which was the last visit to that dr.)

This brings me to my second visit, yesterday, with the new doctor. Again, he was personable, he remembered our discussion(s) from the last visit, asked how things were going, adjusted medicines/doses to further bring my blood pressure/pulse-rate to normal levels, did things one would expect from a good family doctor.

Until… again, he brings in god. At first I thought it wasn’t going to be so bad, with him tossing out a little NT scripture about positive thinking. Again, I waved it off, living where I do and all. Plus he’s the best family doc we’ve had since we moved here some 18 years ago.

Then, OMG, then, almost immediately after he tells me that positive thinking is good for me he says, “we live in a messed up world don’t we?”

To which I said back, “No, its alright.”

Then he says, “I mean, we as christians get lambasted for being christians, but people thinking gays can marry is ok.”

I was speechless. There were a plethora of things swirling on the tip of my tongue to say to this man, but none that wouldn’t be me angrily telling him to go fuck himself.

He turns around then, looks at me, and says, “you seem discouraged, we’ll get your BP under control, you’re going to be fine,” and the appointment ends.

Do I go back? Do I challenge him if I do go back? Or, if I go back do I just say, “hey, you don’t want to talk politics with me.” I don’t know.

He’s a great doctor. But is it worth having a great doctor to have to listen to him preach every visit?


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