LizZard – Out of Reach

In my daily hunt for new music to fill the iPod(s) I occasionally come across something really good. Finding the album Out of Reach by the French band LizZard was one such occasion.

Out of Reach is the band’s english speaking debut, and it is fantastic. Dense polyrhytmic music sure to appeal to the Tool fan, or, for that matter, any fan of great alt.metal/rock music. Or as puregrainaudio put it;

Out Of Reach is packed to the gills with groovy, riff-driven tunes that have just the right amount of edge to both make them stand out in the overcrowded, often boring, hard rock genre, and remain very radio friendly. Powerful vocals, melodic harmonies and a tight-as-hell rhythm section round out this terrific offering.

Here’s “The Orbiter:”

and here’s my fave track from the album, “Twisted Machine;”
[ Twisted Machine | 05:41 | 13mb | mp3 ]

01. Disintegrity
02. The Orbiter
03. Out Of Reach
04. Skyline
05. Loose Ends
06. Backslide
07. Fakeworld
08. Twisted Machine
09. Across The Line
10. Tear Down The Sky

Out of Reach can be found in the usual places, like itunes, etc.. Grab it, you won’t be disappointed.


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