Covering Your Tracks – 41

Since its been a while, today I offer up a double-shot of CYT.

link goes to AmazonFirst up, if you’ve never heard the Nancy Sinatra track “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” you’ve been on on island with no electricity for 60 years, and you’ve missed a great “fuck you” song. If you have heard it, and wished it could be infused with a bit of Glam-, with a dash of industrial-y metal, I’ve got something for you. From Faster Pussycat’s The Power and the Glory Hole (heh), a glam/industrialized “These Boots Are Made for Walking:
[ These Boots Were Made for Walkin | 03:35 | 5mb | mp3 ]

crease only humanUp second, a cover by the alt.rock band Crease. The closing track on the band’s 2004 release Only Human is a cover of Def Leppard’s “Too Late for Love.” Its probably hard to cover such a monster hit, and do it justice, but Crease manages. They don’t really change the structure of it, but it does sound a little more 21st century, and a little heavier than the original.
[ Too Late for Love | 04:41 | 6.7mb | mp3 ]

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