Aleks Sever – Danger Girl

aleks sever Usually when I’m cleaning whilst listening to the iPod, i tend to jump around the iPod like a rabbit on meth, ever trying to find the perfect “cleanin’ music.”

So, today, being no different, I tapped on an album I had recently added to the library, and was blown away. I let it play all the way through, and before I knew it, managed to do the dishes, clean the bathroom, and start on the bedroom. That album was Aleks Sever’s Danger Girl. It is fantastically upbeat, funky, jazzy music that makes for a perfect bouncin’ ’round the house playlist.

Who is Aleks Sever, tho, and what exactly is Danger Girl;

Aleks Sever is a phenomenally gifted guitarist and composer who is attracting an enthusiastic and rapidly growing audience worldwide.

Aleks Sever’s debut instrumental CD “Danger Girl”, is a collection of
10 original songs and is Aleks‘s most ambitious and exciting project to date. “Danger Girl” was produced by multi-platinum producer Matthew Hager (Mindi Abair, Simply Red) and was recorded at “The Lair Studios” and “76 Steps Music” in Los Angeles. The production is a powerful combination of compelling Funk/Hip Hop grooves and incredible, passionate guitar solos.

Here’s a taste;

Its a great, dare I say it, sexy, sexy album.
Danger Girl Cover1. Showtime
2. Nightclub Art
3. Joker
4. Wild Love
5. Backstage
6. First Day
7. Danger Girl
8. City Rain
9. Silhouette
10. Stars


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